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UWP 21, 22, and 23 are limited to 18 students per section and are taught by highly experienced instructors who specialize in working with the writing of multilingual students. If you are not held for any of the UWP courses, you must fulfill the requirement within your first three quarters at the University Academic Senate Regulation Should I try to enroll in Workload 57 in the fall quarter or wait until later in the year?

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Because writing skills are so crucial to your success at the University, and because the ELWR must be satisfied before you can enroll in and receive General Education-Writing Experience credit, you should plan to enroll in Workload 57 as soon as possible. When you enroll in the class or receive a place on the waiting list, be sure to attend the first day of class or you may lose your space!

Is it possible to satisfy the Entry Level Writing Requirement by taking a community college course during the summer? Once enrolled as a UC student, you are not allowed to satisfy this requirement outside the UC system.

Senate Regulation If I have further questions, whom do I contact? Aug 5, There's something unique and wonderful about writing in pencil. You feel a. With a pen, you still have the pen when the ink has run dry. With a. The Shang Dynasty was the first Chinese dynasty for which we have written and archaeological evidence. Most historians now date the dynasty from BC when it was succeeded by the Zhou Dynasty. The artistry of its craftsmen has made the dynasty famous for its bronze and jade work.

Around BC, people in China learned how to make bronze out of tin and copper, so we call this the Bronze Age. About the same time, people in China also developed writing. Like Sumerian and Egyptian writing of this time, their writing is based on pictures that stand for ideas or sounds.

We know of this writing from oracle bones, which are bones with writing carved into them. People also used bones and tortoise shells to keep records about who paid what to who, much like Linear A in Crete or Linear B tablets in Greece at the same time. What can you find out about the Ancient Capital city Yin Xu? It testifies to the golden age of early Chinese culture, crafts and sciences, a time of great prosperity of the Chinese Bronze Age.

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Click the picture below to view pictures from the archaeological site. The majority of the people who lived under the Shang Dynasty were farmers. They grew millet, wheat and barley but not so much rice, which was farmed further south. A large irrigation scheme was constructed to bring the water from the Yellow River to the crops. It seems as if, even at this time, the silkworm may have been domesticated to produce silk.

There were also craftsmen who worked in workshops just outside the city walls. Remains of jade, bone, pottery, and bronze-working have been found by archaeologists in these areas. Most of what they made would have been for use by the king and his nobles.

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The king and the nobles lived inside the walled cities. The palaces had rammed earth floors and pillars to keep up the roof, whereas lower ranking people lived in wooden houses. There were temples where animal and human sacrifices were made to the Shang Di, the supreme god who ruled over the lesser gods of the wind, sun and moon, among others. Bronze vessels were used to collect blood from these offerings. Taken from Click here to investigate Ancient Chinese Dynasties. During the Shang Dynasty, people also began to use horse-drawn chariots with spoked wheels.

People also used jade a green stone for jewelry and decoration. But finally they were conquered by the Chou, about BC. Feb 1, SAT is widely known as the standardized test for college or university admission. Most of. Ensure to use the HB pencil as it will make it easy for you to erase.

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A general history of the theater from its origins through the eighteenth century, focusing on representative dramatic works and on the actor, staging, and audience as they have influenced the development of drama and the theater. Principles of effective reading skills and written expression.

A general history of the theater from the eighteenth century through the twentieth century, focusing on representative dramatic works and on the actor, staging, and audience as they have influenced the development of drama and the theater. This course satisfies the First-Year Writing requirements. Analysis and appreciation of poetry as an art form. Designed as a companion to first semester experience as a Writing Center tutor. Course includes reflection on tutoring experiences and practice in tutoring strategies. Included will be the history of writing centers, theoretical and pedagogical readings, and performing writing center research.

Students will apply the rhetorical traditions of Ancient Greece and Rome to their own writing and speaking. Readings in significant American literature since with attention to cultural and historical backgrounds. Readings in significant American literature to with attention to cultural and historical backgrounds. Not designed as a sequential prerequisite for other creative writing courses. Normally covers two genres, most often fiction and poetry. The development of the English novel from the early nineteenth century through the Victorian period, with representative works from novelists such as Austen, the Brontes, Dickens, Eliot, Hardy, and Conrad.

Possible topics include writing for specific purposes, rhetorical theory, and digital literacies. This course does not satisfy distribution requirements in humanities.

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Select topics or practice in rhetoric, writing, and literacy. Specific material for analysis will vary in successive offerings of this course writing course. Students must have project approved by the instructor in advance of preregistration. Major literary traditions of African American writers from to the present.

Topics and perspectives vary, but may include the political novel or feminist poetics. The relationship of critical theory to various literary forms. For students desiring to pursue a specific individual project of their own design. Word of warning: The language used can sometimes be too colloquial and referential for lower levels to cope with. Activities for exploiting cartoons Exploring the theme of humour Take one cartoon which depicts absurd situations. This can be a Gary Larsen cartoon or one of those greeting cards using a black and white photo and a funny sentence which gives a strange twist.

Ask students to work in groups and get students to discuss: Their own sense of humour and national tastes in humour Use a cartoon to introduce the idea of humour and culture. Take a selection of cartoons and ask groups to decide what each one means and if they think they are funny. Ask the students to discuss: Internet links This site has a huge collection of comic links. Everything from Dick Tracy to Calvin comedyorama.

This link is very useful if you want to create your own cartoon : I Also Offer my students to Create an Avatar of themselves as a task and they really love it :- The Avatar Maker makes it really easy for them to create one! In my presentation, I will only show and explain to you the core concepts found in this installment which is what Jose Rizal wants to address to his readers.

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